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Low Loader, Low loaders, sale trawl Low Loader

Low loaders unlike semitrailers uncommon for the domestic market, since such low loader transport vehicles require a special ballast truck.

Experts "Company" SPECPRICEP "produced a number of low loaders, the common people - Low Loader, for different purposes, the design of which has been specially developed for specific transport tasks. One of them was a trailer - Low Loader with detachable gander model 9942D3 carrying capacity of 50 tons with a loading height of 700 mm, designed to move the process equipment in a confined space nuclear power.

9942D1 low-bed trawl
9942D1 trawl Low Loader
Capacity: 10 - 18 tons, loading height: 400 ... 700 mm.
9942D2 low-bed trawl
9942D2 trawl Low Loader
Capacity: 18 - 35 tons, loading height: 400 ... 700 mm.
9942D3 low-bed trawl
9942D3 trawl Low Loader
Capacity: 30 - 50 tons, loading height: 400 ... 700 mm.
9942D4 low-bed trawl
9942D4 Semi Low Loader
Capacity: 35 - 60 tons, loading height: 400 ... 700 mm.
9942D5 Semi Low Loader
9942D5 Semi Low Loader
Capacity: 40 - 65 tons, loading height: 650 ... 850 mm.
9942D6 Semi Low Loader
9942D6 Semi Low Loader
Capacity: 55 - 75 tons, loading height: 650 ... 850 mm

The design of the trailer (loading 6000 × 2500 mm) can operate in both the hitch Tractor units (detachable goose) and ballasts (dolly, which takes loads up to 32 tons). The front and rear of the trailer - Low Loader allows you to raise and lower the work platform up to 200 mm can be installed compulsorily controlled rotary axes.

In addition, the designers "Company" SPECPRICEP "managed to streamline the movement of low loaders reverse and make it more agile by using a rotation lock carts.

OPERATION Tralee Low Loader

Often there is the problem of overcoming the various obstacles in the form of low-lying power lines, bridges and gas pipelines. All these problems are quite capable to solve a modern low-bed trawl. This is achieved primarily due to the special design: open the low platform, the use of small diameter wheels or break the frame, when the load is placed between the back of a truck and gander (ie below the trolley). As a result, Low Loader trailer able to easily carry oversized cargo and particularly heavy cargo on any distances.

The undeniable advantage of the universal presence of the trailer will be a powerful hydraulic winch, with which you can drag to trawl machinery, without the ability to take on a self-propelled and detachable goose, allows you to load a trailer in front. Manufacturers carry out the sale Low Loader trailers and semi-trailers vysokoramnyh. Trailers with high heavy-frame - a special, specific technique, which is mainly driven on the roads.

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