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About the company

SPECPRICEP Company develops, manufactures and delivers modern European caliber specialized trailers.
The name of the company which is the Russian for “specialized trailer” is no mere chance. It reflects the concept of the company operation in a very precise way: development and manufacturing of specialized towed vehicles. The term “specialized” implies creation of machines that meet individual demands of the customer to the full and can provide optimal solutions of complicated problems of transportation.
Since its foundation in 1999, SPECPRICEP Company has significantly strengthened its research and production base.

In the course of development and manufacturing of trailers and semitrailers, the design department of the company has found a number of unique solutions which were patented and are rightly considered to be our know-how.
The highest qualification of the engineers, who have undergone training in foreign firms, allows them to develop and implement unique concepts of machinery within the shortest possible periods of time.
The towed vehicles with trademark SPECPRICEP are used by Federal Agency Spetsstroy Rossii /Russia’s Specialized Construction Agency/, Gazprom facilities, Transneft /Oil Transportation/ Company, Transstroy Engineering Construction Corporation, Moscow construction sector (Construction Department SU-155, Moscow monorail road), Tianwan nuclear power station in China, etc.

Trailers and semitrailers of SPECPRICEP Company have been awarded by numerous prizes of specialized Russian (Construction Machinery and Technologies, Road, Bridges, Tunnels, etc.) and international (Specialized Transport, Oil and Gas, etc.) exhibitions. Excellent quality and high performance of our specialized vehicles have won recognition and fame of customers both in Russia and abroad.

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